Sunday, 7 February 2016

Retail News Briefs

Louisa Suffers Dramatic Share Price Plunge - Australian jewellery retailer, Lovisa, operate some 200 stores worldwide and are listed on the Australian stock exchange. In 2014/15 they earned $24.8 million and recently announced expected earnings of $23.5 - $25.5 million for 2015/16. Their half yearly profit of $13.5 million was up 8% on last year.
That all sounds fair enough but not according to share market investors who exited very quickly on the announcement last week and caused Lovisa's share price to plunge by 36% in one day.

Nightmare Of Trying To Understand Sales Trends - this story comes from our own QVM with one of our Trader Representatives reporting that two traders came to him after business on Sunday last. 
The first said "I have just had one of my best Sunday's trade in ages. I wonder if it was the BBQ Festival on Queen St. that created the extra business".
Ten minutes later the second trader came up and said - "I have just had one of my worst Sunday's ever. That bloody BBQ Festival ruined my day!"
Sigh! No wonder QVMAC Trader Representatives are seeking a more professional assessment of long term, across the board, trader performance based on actual sales data.

Amazon Turns Back The Clock - according to a US shopping mall CEO, Amazon intends opening 300-400 bricks'n'mortar stores.

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