Sunday 23 April 2017

Buoyant Easter Trade At QVM

Reports of trade at QVM over Easter have been encouraging with most categories reporting improved business.

With Easter and Greek Easter coinciding this year and some good weather the conditions were right for traders across the market. There were reports of higher than average sales over previous years and one of our Specialty Merchandise traders was still trading at 5:30pm on Sunday. Customers wouldn't let him pack up.

On the weekend we published a photo of a big crowd in K Shed on Saturday. Good trading requires more than just crowds. It requires customers willing to pull out their wallets and spend, but there seemed to be quite a few traders enjoying that experience this Easter.

We have reports that the market car park experienced higher than average turnover as customers took advantage of the free first hour and $5 second hour for some very cheap parking. Even Sunday was comparatively busy in the car park.

Let's hope these encouraging signs continue to populate the trading experience at QVM. We certainly need it.