Sunday 2 April 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 2/4/2017

PODS Are Coming – more traders have seen drawings of the POD concept and essentially they are combined storage and display facilities that fit under the sheds.
A display structure including overhead hanging and slatwall type shelving facilities is linked with a roller door storage container. Stock would be taken out of the storage container at the start of each trading day and displayed on the accompanying structure. Presumably the storage area could also be used for display.
They have power facilities and can be moved although essentially they would stay in the one location. Expect random placement around the market although presumably not in dual use areas like those used by the Night Market.
We expect the first POD to be located in C Shed soon as a trial.

Extra Trading In April – Tony Pierrakos has pointed out that the month of April includes 5 weekends which should make our sales figures look a bit better. Thanks Tony. We will take all the positives we can get.

Some Very Strange Sales Reports – One trader’s good day can be another trader’s nightmare and we come to expect that. But the volatility seems to be enhanced lately.  One trader reported his worst Friday in 37 years while the Saturday after proved much better. In fact 20 times better than the Friday. He is madly looking for the secret ingredient on that day.

Beware If You Park Your Van On Peel St. – Betty is on a campaign to keep Peel St. just for tourist buses so we can all benefit from their passengers. Buses will bypass the market if Peel St kerb parking is taken up by trader’s vehicles . Don’t get in the way of either buses or Betty.

Thanks Steve – This weekend’s Trader’s Bulletin highlighted the single day absence facility for SL Traders who previously had to take a full week off  if they wanted leave. Trader Stephen McLennan was the chief architect for allowing single day absences and other benefits back when he worked on the QVMAC. A nice legacy Steve.

Parking Vouchers In Short Supply – apparently trader parking vouchers for the main carpark are in short supply following the closure of a carpark near the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Sts. Up to 30 Meat, Fish, and Dairy Hall Traders are now looking to use the market carpark.