Sunday 23 April 2017

QVM Trader Gets Creative

If we were a bit more tabloid we could have used the heading "QVM Trader Achieves Burning Ambition" because this article is about resident wood-burner Michael Williams.

Michael is doing what many traders should be doing - constantly evaluating his trading circumstances and adjusting to meet consumer demand. Michael has been a bit of a gypsy with his attendance at a variety if Melbourne and regional markets although he is now concentrating more on establishing his presence at QVM.

And he operates in a category that many would say is under represented at our market. He is a craftsperson and he offers a very individual product that cannot be found on every street corner.

But it is not just about establishing location, Michael is also working out he can offer more services, compete with more industrialised processes, and become more profitable. He recently invested in a bit of modern technology in the form of a laser engraver. Using a laser to handle some of the more standardised, laborious and less profitable aspects of his range at the workshop allows him to devote his significant craft skills to the more personalised (and usually more profitable products) on site at his stall. He is already working out how to set up his stall to display more stock

In a time of retail flux (we are certainly in that right now) traders need to think outside the square and constantly search for new ways to develop business. Traders like Michael certainly appear to be on the right track.