Sunday 9 April 2017

PODS Are The Hit Of The Week

The introduction of a POD in C Shed has created quite a stir amongst traders and just like any new  idea you can expect up to 700 or so different opinions although the overwhelming sentiment is positive.

For many traders the POD is an opportunity to raise the level of display for their products and simplify the setting up and pack down process. For others, the design would need variation to suit their operation and probably the main concern is from those traders who claim frontage is king. Display at the back of the stall has little appeal to them.

Obviously there are many options here and the intent is take on board all the possible design variations before settling on any particular POD format or formats. We are told that box hire operators will be involved in the assessment along with traders.

Those who don't want a POD should know that the chances of actually being offered one are  pretty remote. There is only one at present and that will be trialed by various traders over the next few months as the bugs are ironed out. Then we may get a few more, but we will not have a market of pods. It is more likely that there could be a few in each aisle and maybe a cluster or two of PODs in select locations.

There is no indication of cost as yet so ignore all those rumours.

Here are some random comments from traders in the first week.
1.     How do I get one?
2.     I don't like the step.
3.     Do we really need that floor and step in the front?
4.     Can the solid side be slid back into the box frame for applications where a more open air look is preferred.
5.     Why not put the roller door at the front and make it fully contained.
6.     I love the option of electricity.
7.     Where can I put a microwave and coffee machine?
8.     The slat wall gives great shelving flexibility.
9.     It just looks more professional.
10.  For some product ranges it is ideal.
11.   I need frontage not walk-in.
12.   That is a big storage area.
13.   I would need more storage.
14.   Where do I put my car?
15. I understand why the ramp is there but isn't that just wasted space.