Sunday 11 June 2017

Delivery Is The Big Challenge In Retailing

Retail change is moving at such a fast pace that keeping a handle on what is important can be difficult but delivery services keep rising to the top of customer considerations and market traders are not immune to the change.

"If you don't offer a delivery option, somebody else will"

We have written many times here about how customer convenience is a prime consideration for retailers looking to capture sales. We have quickly transitioned from customers doing their own deliveries (i.e. picking up their goods during shopping trips) to retailers, both online and in store, taking on that responsibility. Purchase decisions change dramatically when the customer realises he or she doesn't have to buy right now, but can organise delivery to their homes later. The point here of course is that if your business doesn't offer a delivery service, somebody else will.

The cutting edge of delivery services involves fast and easy transactions with retailers like Amazon moving quickly to next day, same day, and two-hour city deliveries. Amazon is aiming for delivery within the hour via drone for every customer. According to the ABC, 23% of Australians are prepared to pay a premium for same day delivery. Online purchases are growing dramatically and delivery services are meeting the challenge. Who would have thought that delivering fragile cartons of wine to your door would become so common? Customers are clearly becoming used to delivery as a viable option for just about any purchase.

The big advantage that retailers used to have was immediacy – if you wanted your purchase within a reasonable time frame then you had to go to a store to pick it up. That line is now very blurred. As market traders grapple with maintaining their relevance in the fast moving retail industry, delivery services may just be a key factor. What delivery services does your market business offer?

Australia Post have positioned themselves as a key player in parcel delivery and they are visiting our market this coming Thursday at the Engagement Hub on Queen St. at 3:30pm. This is one meeting that maybe you shouldn't miss.