Sunday 18 June 2017

One US Retailer Surprises

 In a graveyard of disappointing results from major US retailers Home Depot has exceeded analysts  expectations and the reasons why could be a lesson for all retailers.
Home Depot is the Bunnings of the US. It is their largest home improvement retailer, ahead of Lowes. Home Depot posted sales of $23.9B to beat expectations in a period of sluggish consumer demand and they credit their performance on -
1.      Nailing their online experience with quicker check in/check out times. Making it easier for online customers has reduced delays and increased sales. Online represents 6.6% of Home Depot sales.
2.      Fine tuning their app. Personalising the experience for app users including relevance for location and buying patterns.
3.      Broadening their customer appeal. While other retailers become obsessed with consumer groups, like millennials, Home Depot acknowledges all categories of customers.
4.      Spreading its supplier base. This provides insurance against things they can't control like supplier bankruptcies.
5.      Keeping in touch with innovation like LED lighting and pet proof carpet.
6.      A robust in-house credit card. 22.6% of their sales are conducted through their own credit card.
 Forbes concludes that Home Depot have concentrate on the retail basics and simply made them better.