Wednesday 7 June 2017

Australia Post Could Open The Door To New Business For Traders

Meeting the demands of modern consumers has many aspects and organisations like Australia Post say they have tools to help traders embrace e-commerce in a simple and affordable way.

Australia Post has put a lot of work into transforming their age old service into the digital age and their links with online business including eBay and Farmhouse have created additional opportunities for many retailers.

Australia post will be attending the market on Thursday 15 June at 3:30pm at the Engagement Hub on Queen St. This will be an opportunity to ask questions relevant to your business, and perhaps open the door to new income streams.

Please RSVP to your Category Manager if you wish to attend the briefing.
Fruit & Vegetable – Matt Kendall 0437237989     
General Merch. – Peter Shepheard 0429372779
General Merch. – Russell Wheelhouse 0438033364 
Leaseholders – Christine Yim 0418395053