Sunday 30 July 2017

Farewell Mark Scott

There is something really uncomfortable about a redundancy, and Director of Customer Engagement, Mark Scott’s departure has many traders sad.

It is not just because Mark was a nice guy, which he certainly was, but he had that entrepreneurial flair and can-do attitude that so many traders deem worthwhile at QVM. Mark didn’t mind challenging ideas and looking for opportunities which, at an organisation with a fairly meagre marketing budget, was always a challenge.

He recognised early on that digital marketing was the way to go and set about understanding the intricacies of this new field of marketing endeavour. One of his legacies will be the opportunity for many traders to finally embrace modern social media. Establishing a social media presence was a huge mountain to climb for many traders, but all of a sudden it became a simple matter of contacting a member of the QVM marketing staff and soon you had a video on QVM Facebook with thousands of views from potential customers. For many traders that planted the seed - “I can do that.” One of our traders described the work done by the QVM Marketing Department on the upcoming Australian Made campaign as their “best ever”.

One of the problems with praising a marketing person is that they have probably already done it themselves. It goes with the territory. In this often subjective field of management you need to claim successes wherever you can. Mark didn’t mind drawing a connection between his arrival and the successful turnaround of the night market and few would deny his significant contribution. No doubt there are many other contributions. Unfortunately, change is a given in retailing right now, and an organisational restructure has claimed his role.

Thank you Mark. We wish you all the best for the future.

30/07/2017 20:37:11 Mark Scott farewell "Thanks Greg and to all the traders I had the pleasure of meeting, working with and hopefully adding some business value. My heart was,is and will always be for the prosperity of the market and the hundreds of great businesses it encompasses. For now, I will remain a loyal shopper and hope to see everyone again very soon."  Mark Scott