Sunday 30 July 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 29/7/2017

Making Our Market Smaller – Saturday’s extreme weather conditions (100kph + winds) created the affect of a smaller market. Strong wind drove customers out of exposed areas in the top end and into the comparative comfort of J,K,L sheds where the crowds generated good business for a number of traders. One was heard to say “So this is what a smaller market might act like.”

Moving Queen St. Traders – apparently letters have gone out to traders on Queen St (those trading on the roadway) advising that they will be moved from their current locations to allow for the construction of the New Pavilion in October.

Changed Plans For Queen St. – a trader has heard that the new pavilion on Queen St. will now start at Therry St., and the current toilet block will stay, but be refurbished.

Night Market a Winner – a day market/night market trader has told us that without the night market they would not be able to survive at QVM.

Catching A Thief – a customer noticed a young man pinching an item from a stall and alerted trader Michael Mallon who happened to be visiting the stall. Michael followed and challenged the thief but when the thief offered to hand the item back, Michael insisted he return to the stall and pay for it. A very apologetic thief did just that, and paid from a wallet full of cash. Michael’s gentle Irish persuasion worked a charm and could be a lesson for similar situations.

Mark Scott’s Departure – the departure of our marketing manager has resulted in a clear sentiment from traders that it is time the musical chairs stopped and the Board introduced some stability to the management structure. It would seem that Mark was well liked and had done enough in his short stay to suggest the QVM Marketing team could produce some positive results for traders.