Sunday 2 July 2017

Global Retail News – 1/7/2017

Global Retail News – 1/7/2017
Nike Goes Direct – we reported in a recent article that Nike were investigating ways of directly accessing customers rather than solely through traditional retail shoe stores. A report this week says Nike are exploring a link-up with Amazon to give them access to a unique range of footwear styles. The move online and through Amazon has sent shockwaves through the footwear industry with share prices of retailers like Footlocker falling. Commentators suggest that Nike will continue to offer premium ranges through traditional stores while off loading lesser ranges online. Nike say it is all part of protecting their distribution particularly from counterfeits.

Outlets Suffering – the New York Post is reporting that outlet complexes (similar to DFO) are not immune from the retail downturn. One of North America’s largest outlet operators, Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, is not planning any new centres in 2018 after years of expansion. In the US outlet complexes have traditionally been set up out in urban areas, but a couple of new projects are being established in city centres, putting pressure both on outlying outlets and traditional city retailers.

Target Launches Amazon Competitor – Target US have launched a delivery service that competes with Amazon and is cheaper. For $4.99 customers can place an online order that fills a large box (about the size of a shopping trolley) and have it delivered. Orders place before 2pm Monday - Thursday will have delivery the next day. In an interesting twist to increase the size of the order, the ordering process tells you how much space you have left in your $4.99 box as you go.

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