Sunday 21 January 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 21/1/2018

Measuring Customer Interest In Your Business – one trader pointed out from the last marketing email that traders can now get viewing data on their QVM website entry. How many people visit your stall’s page, where they come from, what they did on your page, and what action they took - all interesting stuff.

One On One Meetings – a trader asked Peter Shepheard how he would know if he was going to be affected by the transition moves during construction. Peter suggested that the best way would be to book a meeting and the feedback would identify any necessary action.

One trader complained that he didn’t feel he was being adequately represented by his Trader Representative and it was time for a proper election with a variety of candidates. (Note: traders can now get minutes of TRC meetings by emailing

One On One Meetings - a trader is asking how we can evaluate future options when we don’t know when the New Pavilion is coming online or what is happening in String Bean Alley.

Hot Weather – Friday’s extreme heat resulted in a “half empty market” according to one trader with another on the centre way saying they had an un-interrupted view down to the toilet block on Queen St. due to trader absences. Once again some traders reported that business was OK despite the heat. Others said they would know better next time extreme weather was predicted.

Hot Weather 2 - we all know that under the hot tin roof at QVM can add a few degrees to the temperature but as one trader pointed out, share a thought for the owners and workers in our hot food cafes under these conditions.

Rules are rules – our photo shows the new employee at JLP’s stall. Our pooch (sorry we don’t know his/her name yet) is apparently combination guard dog and food scrap cleaner. We notice he is wearing a safety vest and abiding by market rules like all JLP employees. We can also confirm he/she is very friendly.

22/1/2018 Please Note: A trial of the One-On-One meetings will be conducted this week and there may be some restrictions to online bookings while the trial is in operation. At the time of writing you can still make a booking for this week but not for the following weeks.