Friday 26 January 2018

Why My One-On-One Meeting Was Productive

I am not moving stalls in the upcoming relocation at QVM but I booked a one-on-one meeting firstly so I could tell traders what it was all about, and secondly because I had something I wanted to start a conversation with management about.

The meeting covered the background to renewal, the need for relocation, the impact on traders, the work that has been done to squeeze everybody in to a smaller trading area, a likely timetable, and particularly the impact on my business. I am not required to relocate my stall in K Shed so I am a bit of a spectator to the whole process although the creation of a full and busy market between J and M sheds will hopefully be something to look forward to.

Traders who move will obviously be impacted, particularly those with multiple stalls who may be required to give up some space so all traders can be accommodated. All aspects of stall allocation are being considered including corner stalls, above or below the centre-way, stall size, competitor’s location, and so on. It is possible that the 5 stall rule will be compromised in some instances.

It was made clear that no firm commitments need to be made in this initial meeting. There will be time to consider options and work through issues in subsequent meetings. It was pointed out that “not liking a spot” was probably not sufficient grounds for getting another meeting although technical issues with relocation that had not been envisaged by relocation staff will be addressed.

The timetable for moves and particularly the trading options in the New Market Pavilion and String Bean Alley (more containers?) remain unclear as we await official approval on commencement of construction. However, we have been assured that all traders will have equal opportunity to apply for the newly created stalls in those areas once the process starts. It has already been stated that the NMP will have a theme of Australian Made and Fresh & Seasonal.

These one-on-one meetings are essentially to manage stall relocations however it was indicated during the booking process that other issues may be considered. I took the opportunity to talk about plans for my business in 2018 and the co-operation I would be seeking from management to achieve those plans. These were noted and will form the basis for further discussion.

Previous one-on-one meetings were reviewed favourably by traders as an opportunity for personalising our involvement at the market. These meetings should produce the same opportunity. Bookings can be made at This first week has been a trial but by the time you read this article you should be able to make bookings through the whole of February.