Sunday 21 January 2018

One On One Trader Meetings

Trading In Transition is the theme of this round of trader meetings which have been eagerly anticipated by traders, particularly those who will be moved from A-D sheds to make way for construction. The meetings will commence early February.

An opportunity to gain some clarity on our immediate future is most welcome. We don’t have detail of the content of these meetings but we have some information and some trader observations.
1.     Every trader should book a meeting even those who do not expect to be moved. Traders who will not be moved will be advised as part of the process.
2.     A lot of work has been done by management on the possibility of changes. Those who attended a trader briefing late last year will remember Brendan Devine presenting an elaborate colour coded wall chart showing many different trader scenarios. Months of work have gone into all the possible permutations and the likely impact on traders. It will be interesting to see if management staff and trader expectations align.
3.     These are likely to be “first of” meetings for a number of traders as they work through options.
4.     It is unlikely that all trader options will be on the table for discussion e.g. the date for the New Pavilion has not been set. Will we have new options in String Bean Alley?
5.     This could be a good opportunity for traders to present their preferences on a variety of trading options.
6.     Traders can book their meeting by going here –

Please Note: A trial of the One-On-One meetings will be conducted this week and there may be some restrictions to online bookings while the trial is in operation. At the time of writing you can still make a booking for this week but not for the following weeks.

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