Sunday 4 February 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – Box Storage

In a letter to traders dated 25th January management advised that from Thursday 8th February there would no longer be storage for trader’s boxes in the M shed roller door facilities. Traders use these storage facilities so that their boxes are not taking up display space on their stalls during trading hours.

In our Heard Under The Sheds article of 28th January we assumed that the area was being made available to accommodate traders who would be displaced by construction in sheds A-D but it would now appear that is not the case. We understand the space will be used to store Night Market equipment. It is perhaps unfortunate that was not mentioned up front.

One of our traders pointed out that the two roller door storage facilities were once used for night market equipment, but then presumably a better place was found on the Munro’s site and the M shed space was diverted to box storage. Perhaps this was just all part of setting up String Bean Alley. Munro’s is about to become a construction zone so alternative storage has to be found for Night Market equipment.

The prospect of traders storing boxes on their own stalls has been in the pipeline for some time. Clearly management would like traders to be responsible for their own storage facilities. And clearly storage is an issue for management as well.

There are traders, particularly on the “short side” of aisles or in narrow walkway stalls who strongly claim they would be disadvantaged if required to store boxes on their stalls. Amongst the options for those traders (We can dismiss taking boxes all the way over to Franklin St as being unworkable for most traders) there is the possibility of moving to stalls with bigger areas, but working all that out will take time.
Whatever is worked out, a February 8th deadline would seem difficult for everybody. Perhaps we need a temporary solution with a fixed timeline and some serious discussion between management and those traders who feel they have no real options. Those who do have options may need to bite the bullet and re-arrange their stalls.

There are a couple of observations being made about this issue. Firstly, an upfront explanation of the reasons for change may have helped the process. And secondly, this is the sort of issue that is best sorted through the TRC in advance.

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04/02/2018 17:22:59 Box Hire Storage  "To say that storing boxes in Franklin st is unworkable is totally false. QVM Logistic Solutions has been offering a pick up and delivery service to the Franklin st storage shed for many years now. QVM Logistic Solutions is happy to help traders and they can call 0449 088 933 for assistance on this matter. " QVM Logistic Solutions
Thank you for that correction - Ed.

05/02/2018 08:13:17 storage boxes "Having storage boxes moving the length of the carpark after setup and before packup times would seem unsightly and an OH&S nightmare.
Perhaps consultation with the effected traders prior to making such a dissuasion could  have resulted in a better outcome for all concerned." (part of this comment has been omitted)
Thanks for your input - Ed.

05/02/2018 10:51:28      Box Storage "Good to see that QVM Logistics solutions,is offering this free service for the stall holders. During difficult times, my hat off to QVM LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS.
More than what I can say about Management, that decided on the change.
Cheers - JM".
Thanks for the input JM - Ed

06/02/2018 14:45:00      Box Hire Storage    "Sorry John never said this was a free service. Do you give your products away for free?"       QVM LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS.
Thanks for clearing that up - Ed.

09/02/2018 09:30:21      M SHED         "Now that we know that the PICKUP and DELIVERY service will not be FREE is there any chance of finding out what the cost will be per box?"  Danny

09/02/2018 12:22:14      storage boxes          "With the current email referring to the storage box issue and stall holders being given extra time now to find suitable arrangements ,the deleted section of my previous comments about the lack of trader consultation  and little regard for traders has been proven correct.
This and the fact the email was sent the afternoon before  the Friday Public Holiday also did not go down well with some traders .
Well done the TRC members for raising this concern and well done to our new CEO for acting on it. "
Thanks again for your input. BTW - your omitted content went a lot further than "little regard" and was judged as inflammatory. You seem to have made a good point in the end.  - Ed.