Sunday 18 February 2018

Please Don’t Object To The Pavilion

A mysterious notice was distributed around the upper market on Saturday inviting traders to lodge objections to the planned amendments to the New Market Pavilion. We say mysterious because it wasn’t signed although we have been told that it is from the usual anti-renewal group.

Just to be clear, the New Market Pavilion in its original form had already been approved but it was decided to amend the plans to allow for a smaller footprint which would still achieve the creation of a dynamic new element to QVM and secure trading space for displaced traders whilst limiting major disruption.

It is a shame that the plans had to be amended because the majority of traders are saying “Can we please just get on with this renewal”. The continuing delays and consequent expense are probably part of normal activity for this scale of project but traders are quite rightly craving for some sign of real progress. Processes like trader relocations, improvements to String Bean Alley, and tackling issues like trading hours are all inter-twined with renewal.

The good thing is that the deadline for the period of public notice for the planning amendment is 22nd February and hopefully the Responsible Authority (City of Melbourne) will consider the matter shortly after. Then we just have to get the relevant authorities, including Heritage Victoria, to make their decision on the underground construction and QVM can start preparing for its next 140 years of trading.

By Greg Smith

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