Sunday 15 April 2018

Choosing A Name For Your Business

Some new retailer names (at least new to us) came across our desk this week and got us thinking about the process of naming our businesses. These ones have chosen very brief and cryptic initials but according to the link at the bottom of this article there is a definite science to business naming.

CdG - stands for Comme Des Garçons and they are a Japanese fashion brand with representation across the globe including a store in Somerset Lane in Melbourne. They are known for quirky forward thinking fashion and, as an example, their range includes an anti-perfume called scent of gunpowder.

b8ta - is a tech gear retailer that is developing a new concept. They rent out space to tech gear suppliers who get 100% of sales, don’t have to get involved in landlord negotiations, are supplied with shop fittings and state of the art technology, all for a fixed monthly fee based on square footage. They were announced US store of the year for 2018.

COS - has been around for a little while and the name stands for Collection of Style. They are a fashion stablemate of H&M with stores in Melbourne CBD and Chadstone.

Link about business naming: