Sunday 22 April 2018

Retail News - Toys’R’Us In Australia, Unseasonal Weather, Starbucks Rascist Uproar.

Toys’R’Us To Survive In Australia – according to Smartcompany there have been a number of offers for the Asian and Australian operations of Toys’R’Us which suggest the brand will survive in those locations. There are currently 44 stores trading across Australia.

Unseasonal Weather A Big Problem For Clothing Retailers – unseasonably hot weather in Australia has created a dilemma for clothing retailers as stocks of winter goods sit on the shelves and in the racks. Mid-season sales usually reserved for July are already appearing in some online offers.

Starbucks Move Quickly In Rascist Uproar – Calling police to evict two black men innocently waiting at a Starbucks table in Philadelphia has gone viral and created a huge image problem for Starbucks. The Company has responded with what many believe is an appropriate action and will close all US store for several hours next month for racial bias training for its 175,000 employees.