Sunday 15 April 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 15/4/2018

A quote from one of our traders – The nay-sayers used to say about our market “If it is not broken don’t fix it”. Then they said “It just needs a coat of paint”. Now we know it is broken, and a coat of paint isn’t the answer, do they have another option? Maybe a showcase market pavilion?

Lord Mayoral Candidate Sally Capp was seen in our market on Saturday talking to traders. She was accompanied by Board Member David Mann.

Experienced Traders – you could tell the experienced traders who knew what the weather was bringing on Saturday and moved from their Peel St facing stalls to other locations in the market for the day.

Weather Proofing – Saturday’s storms brought the expected response from traders. When will we make some useful expenditure at our market and provide protection for customers and traders? String Bean Alley and F Shed traders were not the only ones to lose on the day.

A trader has asked if anybody has met a mentor yet?

A sigh of relief from some traders when it was revealed that Phil Cleary could not run for Lord Mayor due to the fact that he was not correctly registered.

A trader had to feel sorry for the tourists at his stall on Saturday who had bought light clothing in Friday’s 26 degree heat only to be greeted by 12 degrees (feels like 6.3) on Saturday morning. Our weather does test the inexperienced traveller. Actually it probably tests any traveller.

No trader departures advised this week although one of our String Bean Alley Traders is giving up his container in favour of his other stall and another has asked if they can advertise their business for sale on Victraders. As mentioned elsewhere there is some concern that without renewal activity we will now see more departures.

Management Departures - We have reports that Fiona Whitworth has resigned and will be leaving the market in June. We understand there are no complications here, just a straight forward career move.

Arrivals - Vic Market Gifts have announced the arrival of their newest worker, Max. Welcome to Max.