Sunday 22 April 2018

Trading Hours Debate Takes A Twist

Traders have long agonised (and procrastinated) over market trading hours and this week CEO Stan Liacos publicly raised the issue in a newspaper article which will delight some and horrify others. 

There seems little doubt that QVM trading hours don’t meet common consumer expectations. Most of us have experienced the customer confusion at our trading times, and if random turning up is any guide, the number of customers who turn up on or after closing times should tell us something.

The CBD is now opening later and closing later and yet when the TRC were asked to look at market trading hours we understand they played around with minimal extensions. Their reluctance is probably understandable given the variety of operational demands on different market precincts and particularly the historical early starts for many of our fresh food operators.

Nevertheless, this is one aspect of our operation that needs serious attention. Do we start small and select just one precinct to trial new hours? Or does this require across the board adherence to work. Do we follow the TRC lead and just extend in regular small increments over the longer term? Do we curate the market so that those who are willing to trade new hours are grouped together?

There are many options, and now that CEO Stan Liacos has lit the fuse, maybe we can come up with a solution that will achieve what we all want – better business levels and strong growth for the future.

22/04/2018 22:58:04      trading hours          "Do we know how many traders took part in the Trading Hours survey and what the results were? That could determine a good starting point to trial? 8.30am to 5.30pm is a nice long day with 2hrs either side for setup / pack up. If we are trying to attract more locals after work then they will be arriving when we are packing so perhaps hour later start / finish could be better ."
Yes, if we are going to target city commuters then the finishing time is important. Good discussion points. Thank you - Ed

23/04/2018 10:48:22      Trading Hours         "We can change the trading hours any way you like  but if the shopping offer is out dated and looking tired then we will cease to be relevant .
It is up to the stall holder to stay on trend and remain current."
Yes, trading hours are one aspect of our offer, but we have plenty of other things that we need to get right as well. Thanks for your input. - Ed