Tuesday 6 November 2018

Trader Award Recipients 2018

Here is the list of Trader Award recipients from Monday night's Trader Ball.

The 2018 winners of the public voting awards were:
Bongiorno Brothers – Favourite Fruit & Vegetables
The Chicken Pantry – Favourite Poultry & Game
Gazza’s Gourmet Seafood – Favourite Seafood
The Borek Shop – Favourite Eatery
Thompson Meats – Favourite Meat
Bill’s Farm – Favourite Delicatessen
Joe Leuzzi Flowers – Favourite Nursery & Flowers
Geloso Gelateria – Specialty Food & Drink
American Doughnut Kitchen Runner-Up – Specialty Food & Drink (large category*)
Books for Cooks – Favourite General Merchandise
The Soapbox   Runner-Up – Favourite General Merchandise (large category*)
The Hat Project – Favourite Fashion & Accessories
 *For categories with many nominees - ‘General Merchandise’ and ‘Speciality Food & Drink’ - a winner and a runner-up were awarded.

Separate to the public voting awards, Queen Victoria Market Management presented an additional eight awards:
Garden Organics  - Sustainability Award
Geloso Gelateria -  Best New Business Award  
See the Sound by Zo Damage - Services to the Community Award
Food For Your Skin - Home-Grown Award       
JT’s Fruit & Vegetable Supplies - Lifetime Achievement Award – Fruit & Vegetables
Sardes Quality Meats - Lifetime Achievement Award – Meat & Fish Hall
Hellenic Deli  - Lifetime Achievement Award – Dairy Produce Hall
Danny’s Knitwear - Lifetime Achievement Award – General Merchandise