Monday 12 September 2011

Even The QVM Objects To Aspects of Strategy Plan

The City North Structure Plan (see below) allowed for objections to be raised to its draft document.  One of the objectors was Russell Kennedy Group on behalf of QVM.
Russell Kennedy Objection –
Identifies the following inadequacies:
·         Largely ignores the considerable strategic work relating to the QVM.
·         Fails to give due recognition to the important role that the QVM plays in Melbourne.
·         Does not identify the strategic planning issues facing QVM, nor give any indication as to how its objectives are to be achieved.

Recommends the following:
·         Set out QVM’s opportunities and constraints
·         List objectives for the QVM site.
·         List strategies to address the current and future planning issues confronting QVM.

Council Response –
The MSS includes broad strategies to support the continued operation of the Queen Victoria Market as well as its development if appropriate.  It is not appropriate for the MSS to include details of the issues or opportunities facing the site.
The area is identified as an Urban Renewal Area.  Change will take place in the context of a well developed Structure Plan. The redevelopment of the car park site adjacent to the Market will be the subject of a separate piece of work looking at development opportunities on the site.