Sunday 25 September 2011

Retail News of the Week - 25/9/11

1.       Premier Investments (Just Jeans, Portmans etc.) report a 49% drop in profit for 2011.
2.       282 stores of the old Colorado group are to be rescued in a new venture by creditors.
3.       Ebay have launched a new US virtual shopping outlet which is basically a DFO online.
4.       Australian Retailers Association support call by Premier Investments for a better rent deal for retailers.
5.       Outdoor clothing specialists, Kathmandu, report a record profit for 2010/11 with double digit same store sales growth and improved margins.
6.       Handbag, wallet and jewellery retailer, Oroton, report an 8% increase in profit.

COMMENT from Anonymous
Hot Tip! Immigration officers to inspect market this week, looking out for packers that shouldn't be packing.
26 September 2011 16:09