Sunday 11 September 2011

Traders Have Their Say

On Grouping Stalls -
" Here here" Rosalie! The market is much more than'just another shopping centre - "going to the Market" is a totally different unique experience in shopping. Differntiation in marketing & promotion is invaluable. The sheds are clearly lettered, stalls numbered giving exact address. How is this a "significant problem?", what is the arrangment re shop location in shopping c\re?? The Market operates as it has evolved. Traders have rights to stalls they have been allocated, is the proposal that all stallholders be re-located and for what benefit? How & by whom should such a massive stall reallocation be emplemented? What criteria for relocation?
Legal implications?
Massive upheavel to traders.
what of the 5 stall convention?
Where is stock grouping in shopping centres? By grouping we would end up with just 1 big stall of each after a while, the biggest one usually destroying the smaller, one by one. This would remove range and specialisation which is now possible and make the market smaller.We are not the same as fruit &veg but u can see the process in action there not many small fruiteres left. Lets not shtupp ourselves, market should be exeptionally well advertised and marketed well lit, really clean ,no smell not to much excessive noise fans in summer effective weather protection etc if it aint broken ... - Michael P

On Mystery Plans For QVM-
I was contacted last saturday by the abc.
I was asked if I knew of traders leaving the market, because of poor business.
I think they wanted to make out things were really bad. I told them we were very busy, in fact busier than ever.
He asked if I minded being interviewed on camera. I said "No". He said he would be back - that was a week ago.
I think they were looking for other comments. this is so bad for the market. I will discuss with office.
- Anonymous

On Mystery Plans For QVM-
I can't believe that the Town Hall aka Robert Doyle has the nerve to think that he can "improve" our market! Boy is he sadly mistaken! We just lie down while he walks all over us!! I LOVE THIS PLACE AND WHAT IT IS!! IS an icon! Before he came and after he leaves! DO NOT FIX SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BROKEN! Nurture it! Why not get him to walk around and talk to the stallholders on a one on one basis. He wouldn't do it! We are loved by the public, local, and international JUST THE WAY WE ARE!! I needs his email or his direct phone line! - Rosalie
On Mystery Plans For QVM
Come on stallholders you can't think this is ok!! Please step up and speak!! this is your place of business where we make a living, grow up our families, feed and educate them from our livelihoods here!! - Rosalie

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