Wednesday 14 September 2011

Traders Have Their Say

On the subject of directing customers and trader grouping - (

"To Anon - it would seem rational and even good sense to assist the customers who may be in a rush to locate the stall they seek, with one or two information booths (customer service from the management)INSTEAD OF TURNING THE MARKET INSIDE OUT. All the traders and their daily locations are on the computer in the office. Please note: there has previously been an information booth, it was manned free of charge by volunteers as in other city Melbourne information points ,located in the small plaza corner Queen &Therry, closed by managment, now a flower stall." - Anonymous

Responding to above comment -
"Great idea - an info booth. Lost and found. I'm sure it would be great, and I'm sure it would be kept busy." - Skippy

"I wonder why the information booth closed. Perhaps somebody from the office could let us know." - Greg