Sunday 8 September 2013

Guru Pete Ambushed In K Shed

Many traders will know that Pete is a vocal supporter of AFL team Carlton and as we head into the football finals the rhetoric goes up a notch.
Pete takes (and gives) plenty of sledging as he does his rounds and on this occasion he was accosted by a trader who wrapped a dreaded Essendon Bombers scarf around his neck and our cameras were there to catch the event.
Of course Pete took all this good natured banter in his stride and left a parting shot with the question “Who was the last coach to get Carlton into the finals?” The answer – “James Hird”.
Our apologies to non-football followers but that is a good joke.

09/09/2013 15:05:39 Peter"s  Scarf "We always thought Peter could be a closet Essendon Supporter  he looks pleased with it"  JR