Friday, 27 September 2013

Trader's Comment On Bus Parking

24/09/2013 10:11:24 BUS PARKING "I recently heard an idea proposing buses be allowed to park in A and B sheds. great idea however i think you would have trouble convincing stall holders in C shed for  it is a good idea.They would have to be facing all the crowds , the fumes the noise, traffic congestion,etc. Without waiting to wait until my kids have children, I believe a viable solution would be to utilise queen street, all the area opposite a, b, c d ,e sheds. Easily accessible, room for a number of buses and considering that area is used on Saturdays for car parking, WHY NOT. The council needs to start looking at the interests of the market rather than their revenue model. Might have a few expenses to cordon off, etc but seriously it is not ROCKET SCIENCE.It seems these solutions are 
not being proposed to allow various people to justify their jobs, The new CEO comes in and what will he/she do. Again , he/she will need 3 months to get up to speed, then another meeting to discuss the previous meetings, and then more meetings to discuss possible solutions and then I wake up to find out 10 years down the track the council and management are still brainstorming..I have given  a simple and practical, short term solution and it cost nothing"

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29/9/2013 10:05 Bus Parking "I'd like to see an alternative proposal for loading/unloading of fruit trucks and forklift movement before giving up Queen St. to buses. Buses would create quite a barrier between the top and bottom sections of the market. What about the current car park (without reducing the number of car parking spots)."