Saturday 20 December 2014

Successful Cash Giveaway Was This Trader's Idea

The idea for our daily cash giveaway event came from Jason following a promotion he was involved in at a market in Tasmania. Jason mentioned the idea to one of our Trader Representatives, who mentioned it to our CEO, who suggested our marketing people look at it, and we ended up with the promotion we have today. It seems to be generally recognised as a low cost but very effective form of marketing that has created a real buzz around QVM.

Jason would like to see some changes to the format. He would like to see tickets being tied in some way to purchases within the market and he would like to see some jackpots because jackpots really attracted crowds when he was involved in the Tasmanian event. A full appraisal of the QVM Cash Giveaway will be conducted after Christmas.

Jason tries to play down his role in this promotion. He says he was just proposing somebody else's idea but all good ideas have to start somewhere and Jason made sure we found out about this one. Just like in a game of Australian Rules Football it is the extra effort, the 1%’ers, that add up to success. Hopefully we are starting to rack up a few of those 1%’ers as we compete against every other retail centre in Australia.

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