Friday 6 May 2016

Bruce Goose Gets Exposure From CoM

Following is a blurb from the City of Melbourne promoting the upcoming Lord Mayors Commendations for small business. As you can see the promotional opportunities from participating in these awards are significant. The general recognition of traders is all part of the process and it is as simple as making application direct to the CoM - click here. 
And besides, after trading at QVM for 10 years or more, you deserve recognition. You have until 20th May to be part of the 2016 commendations..

Celebrating Bruce Pham, Bruce Goose Pty Ltd
2014 Bronze Commendation Recipient
The iconic Queen Victoria Market has nurtured some of Melbournes favourite retailers and Bruce Pham is no exception. Bruce learnt the ropes helping his parents as a young teenager and joined the family business on a full-time basis at 18 years of age.
The market stall has evolved over the years but the quality has not, providing Melburnians with the finest Australian made woollen, cotton and bamboo socks.
Bruce Pham is eligible for a Silver commendation in 2016

Twenty five years in five minutes
with bruce pham

Twenty five years in business is no small feat, what is your favourite part of the job?
Meeting different characters from around the world.
What has been some of the biggest changes/challenges you have seen in 25 years?
The emergence of the internet and online trading. Physical stores, shops and stalls must create and provide a great shopping and personalised experience to customers.
Have you noticed a change to visitors to the QVM?
More and more interstate and overseas visitors. The downside is that we are finding a lot less local people coming to QVM. Car parking is becoming very expensive.
Piece of advice that you would offer to a new starter in the business world?
Be serious and passionate about what you set out to achieve. Remember the quote, "What if?" Have a lot of back up plans.
What would you still like to achieve?
Create more functional, comfortable, natural fibre socks that are vibrant.