Friday 20 May 2016

Myer And Ebay Join On Virtual Reality Shopping

Myer and Ebay have announced a joint effort to introduce consumers to high technology virtual reality shopping although there are some doubts about the convenience of the process.

Essentially shoppers use a virtual reality viewer to look at a carousel of products (up to 12,500 according to Myer) and you choose as you go. The viewer could be one of the highend varieties available from company's like Samsung or a simple cheap cardboard version which eBay and Myer are making available for free. Download an app on to your phone, insert your phone in the viewer, and away you go.

Whether holding a viewer to your head with one hand is going to be more convenient than traditional mouse or keyboard navigation on a larger screen remains to be seen. Some early adopters have complained of lag as they attempt to activate a product or button by simply looking at them, but these are early days and the process is certainly innovative.