Sunday 28 January 2018

Heard Under The Sheds - 28/1/2018

Heard Under The Sheds- 28/1/2018

Plenty of questions and speculation this week about what is happening at QVM. One trader said he might just have to book a One-On-One meeting to find out. 

Speaking of One-On-One meetings - another trader has suggested that CoM representatives should be at meetings so that issues that the City controls like vehicle parking and The Trader Support Scheme can be addressed on the spot.

Decision to close the M Shed box storage facilities has gained a mix of reactions. Traders who use that facility will now have to make alternative arrangements. The assumption is that the storage space will be needed to accommodate traders as we all squeeze into E-M Sheds. A couple of traders are wondering why we didn’t get a reason in the official letter.

Heat continues to impact on trading and this week’s humidity adds a whole new level of discomfort for traders and customers. We note that QVM have advised customers on facebook that an Extreme Heat Policy may apply in Sunday’s 39 degree heat with traders allowed to pack early. (see photo)

The debate between traders over various sports is continuous. One trader suggested that wheel chair tennis was more exciting than soccer. For us they are both great.

A trader suggested this week that his best technique for responding to ridiculous price offers was to offer one cent off, but do that in a very serious and considered way. He said surprisingly that often breaks the ice for a serious price negotiation.

More on box storage with one trader suggesting the vacant space at the back of his stall may now have some value for traders displaced from the String Bean Alley facility. He is looking for offers.