Sunday 7 January 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 7/01/2018

A Booming Night Market – was the description used by a couple of participants when talking about this Wednesday’s Night Market. Was it the fact that we were closed last week that brought out more people? One trader described it as the best trading night of the season and questioned why we closed the previous week.

Night Market Cancellations – in view of the previous item, it seems strange to report that there were a number of stall cancellations on Wednesday night and even reluctance from those on the casual list to attend. Hardened day traders who would love to be part of the night action are scratching their heads.

Racking For Sale – a complete racking set is available for purchase or just parts if you would prefer (see photo). Contact Mino on 0425769075 for details.

Happy Birthday Graham - forklift driver, and all-round box placement guru, Graham, enjoyed a birthday on Friday. He must be almost 29 by now.  

Two Schools Of Thought On Australia Day - there have been discussions around whether we should trade on Australia Day which occurs on a Friday (26th January) this year. Some traders believe that Australia's National Day should be spent with family while others argue that it is a trading opportunity not to be missed with holiday crowds expected in the CBD. You might like to leave your view in Have Your Say.

Two Schools of Thought On 40C+ Saturday Trading - This is not about whether we should trade but how trade went last Saturday in 42C heat. Those who traded on the day are often accused of exaggerating the sales result while those who didn't attend will often refuse to accept that the day was worthwhile. Well we have sifted through the claims and it seems pretty clear that trading was worthwhile. Many were pleased with the result with some claiming a normal Saturday, and the usual observation that there wasn't a large crowd, but those customers who attended in the heat tended to be serious buyers.

Have Your Say - click here.

07/01/2018 23:09:56      Heat   "If you have decided to stay away  because of  heat embrace the day at home don’t agonise over what may or may not have been."
Thank you - good advice. - Ed.

08/01/2018 08:04:49      40c degree day       "It was quite a good day for those brave enough to tuff it out. Serious customers came early, very few spectators / onlookers and traders packed early before the extreme heat of the day kicked in.
Customers & traders did not realize it was a Victoria wide Total Fire Ban as the market still held the big Queen St. BBQ. Traders are a tuff breed. Whatever traders made they earned it the hard way."
Tuff indeed - Thanks for your input. - Ed

08/01/2018 09:50:18      Zenia  "Lovely photo of zenia glad to see that she is up and about."
She seemed to enjoy her day - Ed.