Sunday 14 January 2018

Retail Roundup – Store Closures, Diana Ferrari, Ways To Beat Amazon...

Shrinking Store Networks – in an article this week, Smart Company asked the question “Will retail store networks shrink in 2018?” They examine the intent of store chain, Mountain Design, who say they will be closing one in three of their 39 retail stores this year.
In the US stores like Macy’s J.C.Penney, and Sears have announced store closures and even H&M have succumbed to store rationing as they search for the perfect profit mix. Some larger chains like Target are still opening stores but seriously questioning their footprint and looking to smaller, more cost effective store sizes.

How Did They Get This So Wrong? – certain H&M stores in South Africa have been trashed following the publishing of this photo in one of their online promotion campaigns. Condemnation around the globe has been swift. H&M seem genuinely remorseful that they got the ad so wrong and have promised remedial action.

Techniques For Competing – USA Today is reporting that there are signs of bricks’n’mortar stores improving their competitiveness against the likes of Amazon with some specific techniques that appear to have worked during the holiday season.
They refer to J.C.Penney’s collaboration with Sephora to provide in-store cosmetic services in 75% of their stores. Then there was Kohl’s decision to install Amazon stores in 10 of their own stores – if you can’t beat them. Target established more connections with top brand names. Target, Nordstrom, and Toys’R’Us provided kerbside pick-up so customers didn’t have to leave their cars. Macy’s targeted click and buy services online.

The Story Behind One Of Amazon’s Most Successful Products. We reported before Christmas that Amazons most popular products included a pressure cooker and the success of this product has become a subject of interest for all those looking to find new ways of retailing in this retail revolution. This article on is worth a read -

Diana Ferrari To Close All Stores – Footwear, clothing, and accessories label, Dianne Ferrari, is to close all its own stores whilst maintaining an online presence and continuing to market its range of footwear through major department stores and specialist chains.

The Evolution Of Retailing – I love reading articles by academics because they usually include some logical backdrop to an argument and this one by Paul Drechsler, doctoral researcher, University of Western Australia is no exception. It tracks the evolution of retail from the industrial revolution to today’s information revolution. Unfortunately he doesn’t tell us how this one is going to end up.