Sunday 6 May 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 6/5/2018

String Bean Alley – some members of the project team were seen measuring and discussing SBA this week as they prepare for changes to the aisle. A couple of our traders got to have a casual chat with team members but it drew the observation that there doesn’t appear to be any formal communication with traders on how the aisle operates from a retail point of view and what traders see as necessary for getting it right once and for all.

Trader Numbers Plus One/Minus One. Long term clothing trader Izzy has decided to cease trading at the market, while Graeme Lewis returns from an extended absence due to illness. It is great to see Graeme’s footy gear back on display in J Shed.

Big Tick For Mentor – one of our traders who completed his first mentoring session this week recommends that every trader books a session. He found it very useful. See our article here -

Privacy For Traders – some concerns expressed about the Herald Sun article that named and gave personal details about one of our box hire operators whose license is to be terminated. The question was whether there had been some deliberate leaking of information to the press or whether it was simply the result of a reporter doing their job. When you are one of the most reported city icons in Melbourne, that sort of exposure is probably inevitable (something like 250 articles about QVM in Melbourne press last year).

The Book on who might get the vacant container in String Bean Alley has been active with Tara’s Treasures tightening in the market – purely trader speculation of course. By the way, has anybody noticed that there is no wheelchair access to that container?

One Of Our Traders has given up her Sunday stall and is already excitedly planning a string of family activities after years of working on Sundays.

Another Trader notices that forklifts are being driven much slower through the market following management’s clamp-down on O.H.&S issues.

A Trader Reports evidence of new consumerism. This trader’s customer visited his stall and said he would go away and think about the purchase. Next day an order arrived on the trader’s website from that same customer for delivery to his Docklands address. The $39 delivery fee obviously wasn’t a problem. It was all about convenience.

06/05/2018 19:58:43      140th Birthday Trading        "We had our best week since Christmas and we were not alone in A Shed and the Victoria St shops. "         Marshall @rewine.
Excellent! Thanks for the feedback Marshall. - Ed

07/05/2018 13:48:18      Privacy for traders "Not sure what your getting at Greg considering it was the Box Hire operator and his son in question that contacted Herald Sun reporter Ian Royall in the first place. They also arranged for Herald Sun photographer Sarah Matray to take a pic of the Box Hire operator on his premises that appeared on the online version of the article.
Not sure how you may think privacy was breached."
Thanks for your input, but just let me make it clear that this a Heard Under The Sheds article and the concern was expressed under the sheds not by me. Personally I don't see any breach of privacy - just a reporter doing their job.  - Ed.

07/05/2018 20:31:38      String Bean Alley    "If we are able to activate both sides of the alley with containers under a roof line topped with solar panels now that would be a good focal point & draw card to options previously mentioned."

Yes, a roof makes a lot of sense, and a nod to modern conservation technology, perhaps with a an innovative design that allows solar panels and light to enter, could be a real attraction. - Ed.