Sunday 20 May 2018

A New Market For Melbourne

A new market is planned for Docklands, near Costco, and of course not far from QVM. It is to be called The Market.

In fact it is just another shopping centre with a large Woolworths supported by a variety of Butcher’s, Deli’s, Bakeries, and presumably Fishmongers. But, “just another shopping centre” may be too dismissive if recent trends are an indication. Supermarkets are increasingly moving into market territory with the depth, range, and freshness of their offer and this one seems very focused.

Here is the blurb from the developers -
"The Market will be home to a full-line 3,800sqm Woolworths supermarket, alongside a large scale Asian Grocer, a fresh food marketplace, Dan Murphy’s and some of Melbourne’s best gourmet experiences, to complement Costco Docklands. The Market is part of a $150 million overall re-development of the centre."

Competition obviously cannot be ignored, and as a number of our traders in different precincts are realising that even the best market in the world needs to stay ahead of the game. There are probably two essential ingredients here -
1. Providing facilities and services that meet consumer expectations.
2. Supporting market traders to enable them to be the best they can be.