Friday 4 May 2018

Trader Suggests String Bean Alley Improvements

We like some of the ideas in this comment so much we figured it deserves its own post.

03/05/2018 22:41:28 String Bean Alley "If we are planning on having the C.O.M Red Coats in a new container and trying to create a feature lane way what about having the Money Exchange booth closer to the bus drop off area , a parcel post booth for customers worried about buying larger items and not being able to get them home or being concerned about their luggage weight or coin operated storage lockers for customers.

We are struggling to fill the market with stall holders so why not create a space for better customer services."

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07/05/2018 20:31:38      String Bean Alley    "If we are able to activate both sides of the alley with containers under a roof line topped with solar panels now that would be a good focal point & draw card to options previously mentioned."
Yes, a roof makes a lot of sense, and a nod to modern conservation technology, perhaps with a an innovative design that allows solar panels and light to enter, could be a real attraction. - Ed.