Sunday 19 August 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 19/8/2018

Trader Parking Vouchers – we understand that management have conducted a survey of who is using the scarce Trader Parking Vouchers and found that many are being taken by stall employees. This caused one trader to suggest that legitimate goods-carrying trader vehicles should get first preference. We understand an assessment of the system is underway.

A customer was a little miffed that this stallholder didn’t remember him from his last visit. Turned out his last visit was 15 years ago. The story caused one trader to comment – “Some traders can’t remember their customers from last week.” A happy ending however with the 15 year customer making a substantial purchase on this occasion. Maybe he was trying to make sure he will be remembered next time.

The trials of our security staff – Saturday morning is not the time you expect revellers from the night before turning up very drunk at our market particularly with families and young kids around. Turns out this groups sobering up strategy included volumes of American Doughnuts. A little encouragement from our security staff and they were on their way.

SBA on a wet day earlier this year.
A trader has commented that this weekend of antartic weather conditions seriously tests our acceptance of the open-air market philosophy. Another asked if we are all tough or crazy or a combination of both. The same could apply to our customers. Fresh air is one thing, getting the full un-protected blast of icy winds and rain in some of our aisles is another thing altogether.