Sunday 5 August 2018

It’s All Happening At QVM!

 Do you feel there is a lot going on at QVM right now? Are we all of a sudden the centre of the universe?
  • There is the formation of a Committee of Trustees to provide “The highest source of advice to Council on Renewal and Operations.” 
  • There is the plan for a People’s Panel to provide advice on market infrastructure. 
  • A special mentoring service has been provided to assist traders adjust to the retail revolution. 
  • An innovative new precinct is being set up in A Shed to highlight boutique breweries, the latest social craze. 
  • The Winter Night Market is kicking goals and even Katye Perry made a visit this week. 

  • Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, is taking a personal interest in our market and even attending TRC meetings. 
  • The management team has been seen out and about on a regular basis. 
  • Communication from management has never been better with printed hard copies, emails, and even SMS. 
  • Google Alerts featuring QVM are becoming more and more frequent as mainstream press takes up QVM stories. (See Victraders “QVM In The News” articles.) 
  • Our inclusion in the “Magnificent Seven” global markets continues to gain mainstream and business press. 
  • There are more days with “big crowds”. 
  • A new Visitors Hub is due to arrive in our market in September. 
  • QVM has gained the protection and recognition of National Heritage listing. 
  • Car parking spaces are to be increased to 1000 to make it even easier for our valued customers to shop.

It’s all happening!

Now, to convert all that activity to sales - A grand challenge indeed.