Sunday 19 August 2018

Retail News Shorts – 19/8/2018

Retail News Shorts – 19/8/2018
1. Coles bag back flip designed to make toy giveaway easier to administer.
2. Ice cream containing healthy gut cultures could be next big thing.
3. Big W admits it lost its way with customers.
4. Americas largest mattress retailer, Mattress Firm, is considering bankruptcy to get out of onerous leasing arrangements and unprofitable stores.
5. Selfridges opened its Christmas Shop a week ago.
6. L’Oreal sales soar in Asia.
7. Amazon launches 30 minute food pick-up at its Whole Foods outlets.
8. Online retailer, Catch, to open physical store at Chadstone.
9. Tommy Hilfiger introduces Bluetooth enabled clothing which essentially tracks the customer.
10. Swap day for Coles register give-aways creates mayhem.
11. Energiser Batteries given approval to take over Varta.
12. JB HiFi profit up 12% in 2018.
13. Wesfarmers to get out of its K-Mart Tyre & Brake operation.
14. H&M to open its first outlet centre store in Sydney.
15. Online sales catered for over 60% of Dominos sales in 2017/18.
16. 7-Eleven acquires major stake in alcohol delivery service, Tipple.
17. The Iconic launches new range for kids.
18. Coles reports 6.8% drop in earnings while UK Bunnings debacle impacts on Wesfarmer’s profit.
19. Beacon Lighting reports record profit.
20. ABC says retail activity “unviable” as it exits its own stores in favour of licensing.
21. Macy’s sales slip in second quarter.
22. Kogan doubles earnings again.
23. Nodstrom up, JC Penney down in second quarter results.
24. Guy Russo retires as CEO of Wesfarmers Department Store Division.