Sunday 28 July 2019

Consumer Sentiment – An Observation From One Of Our Traders

“Have you ever asked/wondered why on some days (usually bad ones) it looks like all potential customers seem like they got together and agreed to behave all in a similar manner, ie. disinterested, apathetic, fussy, negative etc...
I wonder whether this article I’ve just read might be a partial answer ( then throw in a dose of bad news, economic pressure, retail revolution etc etc etc )”

Below is a link to the article. It refers to contagious emotions, the way we mimic the emotions of those around us. And the scary bit is that our own emotions can be part of the contagious cycle. If we are feeling down and angry at customer attitudes it may transfer as negative feelings to positive customers as well.

Exhibiting a positive attitude at all times is one of the more difficult tasks for retailers like us.