Sunday 19 January 2020

Heard Under The Sheds - 19/1/2020

Many Traders are expressing concern that dramatic bush fire footage shown overseas is deterring visitors. The Governments announced on Saturday that it will spend $76m to lure overseas tourists back to Australia after the bush fires.

A couple of Traders were discussing the business potential of selling face masks as a number of major retailers reported they had sold out of the popular P2 masks following smoke haze warnings. Options could include colour variations, indigenous designs, personalised face masks, and even one with the QVM logo.

The coolest spot in the market - aside from dedicated cool rooms, we have it on good authority that this bench at the top carpark walkway is most likely to receive a cooling breeze, even on still days. The good authority? - someone who regularly visits every precinct of our market in his daily duties.

Wednesday night’s Market was drastically impacted by weather with many Traders reporting a small crowd and little business. The weather forecast for thunderstorms and potentially damaging hail was enough to put off visitors. The actual weather on the night wasn’t too destructive although wind-blown rain caused problems for exposed Traders. We understand that South Melbourne market canceled its Wednesday night market because of threatening weather.

A Trader was contemplating a tennis related display that might appeal to all the Australian Open fans in town. Tennis balls dangling from the roof didn’t really appeal although he said he had been known to throw a tantrum or two and wondered if that would be appropriate.

The latest smoke haze health policy has one Trader wondering why 65 year olds get special leave (i.e. not deducted from leave days) when extreme heat endangers health but not when poor air quality endangers health. Maybe one for the TRC to take up?

Some good reports from Wednesday’s presentation at the Trader’s Hub about selling your market business. Apparently Denise Hall’s presentation was full of useful information with clear guidance on how to prepare your business for sale. A number of participants agreed that Market Traders need to be a lot more professional about this aspect of business and that pre-planning, perhaps over years, is the key to getting a good result.

This week's joke - "You know what they say: If you've seen one retail job,

then you've seen the mall."

Two Traders were discussing the trials of tackling Melbourne's traffic at the moment coming to and from the market. They agreed that the pain would be bearable if we could just make the time between arriving and departing a little more interesting and a lot more profitable.