Sunday 26 January 2020

Heard Under the Sheds – 26/1/2020

One of our Traders had nothing but praise for security staff at Wednesday’s Night Market. A staffer suspected a man had stolen a $10 item from the stall and asked a member of the cleaning staff to contact security through the walkie talkie. Security attended, located the man at a neighbouring stall and examined his carry bag. Amongst items taken from other stalls was $35 worth from our Trader’s stall. He was impressed with the level of professionalism shown by security staff and happy to have the goods returned.

When you have a birthday and your fellow Trader’s arrange a birthday cake, it is pretty special. And don’t worry Ronnie, we won’t tell anyone your age.

A Trader reports that the Australian Open Tennis beats all other events for variety in nationalities. Melbourne truly becomes a global city.

One Trader was hoping to learn how to say Happy New Year in Chinese but after some uncomfortable attempts opted for a printed leaflet with the appropriate message.

Wednesday Night's Market was once again subject to weather warnings but the rain stayed away until 8:30 pm so most Traders improved on the previous week.

Do our artists and graphic art sellers have some new competition at QVM? This colourful range was created by children enjoying school holiday entertainment on Queen St on Sunday.

After a particularly quiet trading day on Saturday Michael M has a polite message for the 88% of Traders who voted to extend trading hours – “What the hell is the matter with you!!!!”

A Trader tells us that Sunday's untidiest stall on Queen St (Twisto) has been absolutely transformed with an impressive new silver van.

Apparently some graffiti artists managed to adorn the rear of the Franklin St. stores above the roof line on Saturday night. One Trader suggested they had actually improved the look of the buildings while another asked if Guru Pete would be climbing a ladder to do the cleaning. Pete gave the expected response.

Our bad (but irresistible) joke of the week – At court last week, the accused was flat on his back on the floor. The plaintiff said “Your Honour –I object, he’s lying!!!!”

A Trader was very excited to read that Rock Lobster from WA’s biggest exporter had dropped from $105 per kilo to $0, until someone pointed out that the price meant the fishermen had stopped harvesting because of the Coronavirus in China. Apparently Chinese New Year is one of the biggest occasions for lobster consumption but the virus has put a dampener on celebrations.