Sunday 5 January 2020

The Top Victraders Stories of 2019

Victraders readership in 2019 reached record levels and the following 9 articles were the most read for varying reasons. Just click on the link for the full story.

This article mentioned the word "harassment" and that was probably enough to get it high on the list.

The following two articles were about the same subject (filling stall gaps) but they were 6 months apart and managed to get high readership each time.

"Best of" articles often get attention and this one was also about food so it was a no-brainer. But how did one of our String Bean Alley Traders get in the story?

The Committee of Trustees got some attention here.

A report of an intriguing Council meeting with a lot of QVM content and a few trader appearances.

This article revealed some of the emotion attached to market life.

This article was about a fairly dry subject - what to call our biggest group of Traders - but it certainly attracted a lot of attention.

And you can't beat a personal story for maximising readership particularly when social media takes it up.