Sunday 19 January 2020

The Importance Of The TRC And Why You Need To Nominate

The deadline for nominations for the Trader Representative Committee has been extended which may mean there has been lack of interest from Traders but clearly there has never been a more important time for this body to achieve some results through competent representation.

The retail revolution is carving its way through the old ways of retailing and new considerations for trading are arriving at a bewildering rate. Some very significant decisions have come out of the TRC in recent times with new trading hours probably at the top of the list.

This week there have been a few questions under the sheds -

Does The TRC Really Achieve Anything? -  It is unfortunate that this question is commonly asked but communication out of the TRC is rather poor. Traders rarely find out what has been discussed. However we are told that most important decisions about our market are put before the TRC in some way.

Do They (Management) Ever Really Listen? - This is a cop out from Traders who are looking for excuses not to get involved. A good representative will make argument that has to be listened to, and then follow up with questions that can’t be ignored. Facts, clear argument, and persistence are the key here.

I Don’t Have The Time To Be A Representative – Actually we are told this role doesn’t take much time. Meetings are probably monthly and most of the work is done within the actual meeting. Some issues will require discussion with your neighbours but if there is more research to be done, you simply ask for time and assistance.

Isn’t It A Lot Of Responsibility? – The TRC is an advisory committee. You offer your experience as a Trader to advise other Traders and Management about matters affecting trading. Decisions will not always have universal acceptance. That is the nature of decision making. But good, considered input, and respect for all points of view, is all that can be asked of any representative.

How Does The Selection Process Work? – Traders need to nominate themselves and an updated committee of 16 is made up of representatives from different market areas. (see chart below) To allow greater flexibility in representation of the open sheds, TRC representatives will be elected according to their trading format rather than the specific shed(s) they trade from. For example, there will now be five traders representing specialty shopping in the open sheds broadly. If there are more nominations than positions available in any one area, an election will be held.

What Now? – Traders need competent representatives to assist in the changing future of market trading. Traders are generally good at being individual business people but sometimes it is teamwork that really counts. Working well with fellow Traders and Management can produce results to benefit everyone. If you feel you can make a contribution please visit F1 for a nomination form or talk to your Precinct Manager.

By Greg Smith