Tuesday 23 August 2011

Chinese Tourism On The Rise

As the rest of the world struggles with economic slowdowns, the Chinese are heading to foreign countries in record numbers. Today, the Chinese comprise the world’s third-largest spenders on international tourism, behind Germans and Americans. The growing number of affluent Chinese have more choices, they want more customised experiences and they have high expectations. Here are some tips for dealing with Chinese tourists –
-         Know your nationalities. If you can’t tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese, now is the time to learn. Chinese people hate being addressed in Japanese, so err on the safe side. Learn to say ‘Ni hao,’ (Knee How) which means ‘hello’ in Mandarin.
-         Chinese tourists will be looking for non-Chinese manufactured goods. If you do have Chinese made goods that are designed in Australia, make that point, but don’t attempt to mislead any customer.
-         Language can be a problem for many tourist groups. Chinese tourists will need the same understanding you apply to any non-English speaking customer.
-         A cultural tip – Always accept and return credit card, cash or name cards with BOTH hands. This is an important courtesy.