Thursday 11 August 2011

Who Are You?

It might sound like a stupid question but online marketing has made it crucially important that your market business has a relevant trading name. You would be amazed at how many traders have not thought about how they identify themselves to their customers. Selling yourself to your customer while they are in your stall is easy. What about when they read about you in a tourist publication or online. Does your name give them a vision of what you sell?
Gone are the days when we simply relied on customers passing our stall for our business. More and more customers are pre-shopping – checking out online before they venture out. They’ll check out the QVM website, check posts on Facebook and Twitter, and search Google. Just as every high street shop has a distinctive name, we need a name that helps customers identify us. We may not have signs out the front of our stalls but most of us have business cards and many of us are now featured on the QVM website and receiving promotion over the social networks of Facebook and Twitter. If your business name is distinctive and relevant to your product range it will make it a lot easier for your customer to connect.
If you don’t have a business name, or your name is not descriptive, please think about correcting the situation. Some tips on how to go about it are in this post -
What is the bottom line? If you have a relevant and distinctive business name, your customer’s will find it a lot easier to remember you and find you, not just at the market, but on all the new networks that customers use to do their shopping.