Monday 1 August 2011

Celebrating Our Readership

From humble beginnings in March 2011 the readership of this blog has risen steadily as our graph shows. A big thank you to all our readers and contributors over the last 4.5 months.
We hope your willingness to log on each week is a sign that we are producing the sorts of posts that you want to read.
Our most popular post each week is our market interview and trader Leo currently holds the record for the most reads for his interview on 12th June.
The recent article on the market's security announcements sending the wrong message has the record for the most likes and shows that traders have pride in their market and don't like to see it denigrated in any way. 
Our aim on this website is to inform, educate and entertain. We hope we are succeeding in those respects and as always we welcome your views and observations.
Thank you for your support.