Friday 5 August 2011

Trader's Letter: I Just Bought Online

I just bought a one of those flexible arm thingys that holds my mobile phone while I’m driving.
I could have bought from Joe at the mobile phone shop in F shed for about $20 but I ended up buying one on ebay from an Australian supplier out of Sydney for $10.80 with free postage. Now before you complain that I’m being anti-market, I must stress that this was a sudden decision made late one night while I had the laptop on my knee and the TV was even more boring than normal.
It got me thinking. The ebay supplier probably sells a restricted range of goods from a remote warehouse and buys his flexible arm thingys in bulk direct from a Chinese manufacturer. No wholesaler to contend with, low rents, and low Australia Post rates for delivery. On the other hand many market traders stock hundreds or even thousands of products which they source from wholesalers. It would be extremely difficult to directly import all those products and be competitive with the one-product cowboys.
On ebay I got convenience and a cheap price. From Joe I get product knowledge and customer service. In this case the convenience won out. What’s my point? I'm not sure. This online thing has happened too quickly and I'm not sure what impact it is having on my business. All I know is that my customers are not buying enough off me at present and I would be very grateful for a clear path forward.
A. Trader

COMMENTS: From Rosalie - Yes u r rite the convenience factor!! If u had received the wrong thing that was not what u wanted,would u have complained for $10??or gone to F shed or Lee in J shed for the rite product? I'm disappointed,My issue here why r u not looking after your fellow trader?