Thursday 18 August 2011

Trader Responds To Buying Online

      We recently posted a letter from a trader who had by-passed QVM sources to buy a mobile phone accessory online. A trader has now responded to that act of treachery (our words not theirs).

 As a traditional walk-in F Shed retailer I have traditional mark-ups, as a market trader I am happy to haggle with shoppers,

I haggle with suppliers in order to get deal prices as well..

( I reserve a slight margin to give shoppers a fair go when I compete with on line portals as long as customers convey the information)
I am also happy to give a trade price to any market traders and office staff and also their friends.

Do u want the best price?

Here are some options...

show me the link on a print out I may match it,or go even lower,

we should perhaps ask the retailer for the lowest price in a discrete manner..

ps As a retailer of over 10 models of phone holders,the range starts at the $4.95, you may have got a good deal at the market just by chatting to the shopkeeper

Do some research on line, then support your fellow traders, when possible
Posted by Joe to General Merchandise Traders at 17 August 2011 23:57

     Point taken Joe. Good advice and thanks for taking the time to respond.