Thursday 11 August 2011

Test For New Traders

A wag is a mischievous person and we have a few of those in our trader ranks. One such wag has suggested a test for new traders to the market. Now, let us make it clear that we don’t wish to pick on any trader or group of traders. We are here to support all. However there are some things that traders should be ashamed of and, in this case, we think the following multi choice questions could equally apply to some long term traders.
Select The Correct Answer To The Following Questions:-
A customer is....
     A. Someone to ignore.
     B. An interruption to my phone gaming.
     C. A potential goldmine.

Merchandising is .....
     A. Something somebody else does.
     B. An interruption to my phone gaming.
     C. A way of increasing sales.

I need an EFTPOS machine because...
     A. It's a last resort if my customer doesn't have cash.
     B. It has bright lights and buttons and might play games.
     C. I believe extra customer convenience leads to extra sales.

Like we said – a few wags in our trader ranks – but for all those traders who spend more time playing games on their phones than improving their business - the message has merit.